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Top Ten Ways Travel Agents Can Gain New Leads and Grow Their Business

Growth in any business should be your constant target. The best way to grow your revenues and sales is to generate more leads ie. the more leads you get, the more trips you book, and the more trips you book, the more commissions you make and vis-à-vis the more revenue growth you generate. To do that you need to demonstrate the value you bring to your current and future clients especially considering how easy today’s online booking websites make it for clients to curate adventures for themselves. It’s critical to attract new clients and repeat business by showcasing the value of the services you offer. You know what value you bring, now you just have to put some effort into marketing them to the clientele. Here are 10 sure-fire ways to attract potential clients and grow your number of travel agent leads and increase your customer base: Download Some Helpful Apps to raise productivity and organisation – A good place to start is with your tech. There are some great consumer apps made to help organize your time and your files in order to positively impact your business ops and sales. Here are some sure fire-tested and guaranteed apps that […]

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Welcome Centre Hotels wins yet another accolade – Best 4-Star Hotel in Lagos

The hotel’s tireless efforts in the Nigerian hospitality industry continue to be recognised and called out for success by leading players in the tourism and hospitality sector. Welcome Centre Hotels has been named Best 4-star Hotel in Lagos by TravelMyth.

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