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Welcome aims to hire, train and retain the best hotel staff in Lagos.

Our philosophy is that despite our world class facilities and structure…the best part about Welcome is its well trained, professional and friendly staff. Our Employees are the face of Welcome Centre. Resolutely committed to their standard of excellence with an unwavering dedication to duty.

Its takes a wide ranging team of different individuals and skills to enable a hotel work as effectively as Welcome does. We are constantly on the lookout for gifted chefs, cooks, receptionists, barmen and women, waiters and waitresses, security staff, clerks, accountants, managers, shoppers, bell boys, drivers etc

Please find below a list of currently opened vacancies:

  1. Bar staff (especially cocktail drinks experience)
  2. Chefs (local and international meals)
  3. Kitchen Assistants
  4. Bakers
  5. Hotel Managers
  6. Food & Beverage Supervisors
  7. Human Resources Officers
  8. Public Relations Officer
  9. Personal Assistants
  10. Hotel Supervisors
  11. Accountants
  12. Security Officers
  13. Sales Managers
  14. Sales Persons
  15. Waiters
  16. R&A Technicians
  17. Electricians
  18. Generator Attendants
  19. Carpenters
  20. Plumbers
  21. Drivers
  22. Cleaners
  23. Gardeners
  24. Private House Keepers & Cooks
  25. House-keeping staff
  26. Drivers
  27. Event organizers
  28. Promoters
  29. Life-guards

If you have any experience or skills in the above job requisitions, we would love to hear from you.

Please send in your CV and covering letter. (The Personnel Manager, Welcome Centre Hotels ltd, 70 International Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos. P.O Box 4749.

Or email: HR@welcomecentrehotels.com

We also welcome speculative applications.

Go on, send in your cv and find out why our guests call our staff the best hotel team in Nigeria.

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