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Top Ten Things to Consider before Attending any Wedding or Event during the Covid Pandemic

We live in the “the new normal”. World has been in the siege of a raging pandemic with over a million lives lost but life still has to go on. Events, Birthday, Showers etc are all key events in life that we have to gather round and socialize. We attend to see and catch up with our family and friends – and let’s face it – sometimes zoom doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you want to attend in person. We love to get all dolled up, see one another, exchange greetings and it’s just not the same when one is sat behind a computer screen. That’s begs the question ‘how do we do us’ but still remain safe during this covid 19 pandemic. On behalf of all staff and management, we wish all our patrons and vendors a truly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… Posted by Welcome Centre Hotels, Lagos on Thursday, December 24, 2020 If you’re considering attending an event or party during COVID, here are a few suggestions to help you focus on the health and safety of yourself and others. First decide – ‘go or no go’ – If you don’t feel comfortable attending an event or […]

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