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Top 10 reasons to learn Karate

Dojo@WelcomeCentre Class Times Saturday – 10.30AM to 12.00PM Mondays – 4.30PM to 5.30PM Class Venue Welcome Centre Hotels, 70 International Airport Road, Opposite Ajao Estate, Lagos Contact dojo@welcomecentrehotels.com 08161840159; 07083558867 Top 10 reasons to learn karate Training karate has numerous benefits from fitness to stress reduction, self-defense to social interaction. Find below the top 10 reasons for learning karate: Train for a strong, fit body. After a few months of practicing karate, you will notice your body feeling leaner, stronger, more flexible and more agile. Karate classes can burn 700+ calories per hour and engage all muscle groups. Karate is especially great for developing a strong core and proper posture to feel great and be healthy everyday. Develop the skill to remain calm under stress. Training relaxation is a must for effective karate technique. Relaxation isn’t just in the body, but in the mind too. Keeping a calm mind while challenging your body through combinations in a fast-paced class develops a fluid mind mentality which transfers to other areas of life as well. Live more mindfully and be more present in daily life. A form of meditation in motion, in karate, you train yourself to bring all your attention to […]

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