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Hotel now Covid Compliant and Re-Opened for Business
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Hotel now Covid Compliant and Re-Opened for Business

Dear Business Partner,                     

Hotels Re-Opened for Business

We are pleased to announce that after effective guidance from the federal and state authorities and our careful appraisal of the health situation in the market, we have decided that it’s time to re-commence hotel operations!

Hence both Welcome Centre Hotels and Stop Over Motels operations will begin to accept and provide hotel and hall booking services.

In keeping with our ethos of excellent customer service and product reliability, we will implement best practice to in regards to personal hygience and facilities cleaning.
As a hotel, conference, events and sports facility we

  1. Temperature Check every guest or person visiting the hotel
  2. Make available hospital grade hand sanitizers and sanitizer signs at every entry point and key locations throughout the hotel, event venues and sports facilities.
  3. Monitor the departure points or travel origins of all our hotel guests
  4. Waive any hotel reservation cancellation fees for international travellers up to 24 hours before arrival.
  5. Increase the level of deep cleaning around the hotel especially door handles, elevator buttons, restrooms, light switches, remote controls, room keys, menus, salt and condiment shakers, furniture and table tops.
  6. Move Check in time further back from 2pm to 4pm to enable for deep cleaning of hotel rooms
  7. Reduce and space out seats and tables in our bars and lobby to improve social distancing
  8. Withdraw buffet service until futher notice. All meals will be A lar carte.
  9. Keep Windows in bars, restuarants and other public areas open during to improve ventilation
  10. Encourage guests and patrons to wear mask in the public indoor areas of the hotels and halls.

Our operations and reservations teams can be reached at

Contact –  Welcome Centre Hotels

Contact – Stop Over Motels

We thank you for being a loyal customer over the years and look forward to your continued patronage.

Yours Sincerely,
Jeff Fischer

Yours Sincerely,
Jeff Fischer

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