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LSE alumni charge offer holders to be good ambassadors
LSE alumni charge offer holders to be good ambassadors

Members of the London School of Economics Alumni Association of Nigeria (LAAN) have charged LSE Offer Holders to be good ambassadors of Africa.
Speaking at an Event held at the Welcome Centre Hotels, Lagos – They further advised them to abide by the laws of their host country and shun acts that could bring their names and that of the country into disrepute.
Speaking at the weekend during a pre-departure seminar for the holders, chairman of the event, Hilary Onukogu, noted the necessity of looking beyond the foreign degree.
LAAN also disclosed plans to commence its mentorship programme by the first quarter of 2019, assuring that it would ensure the personal growth and long-term development of members.
Describing the London School of Economics (LSE) as a mini United Nations with over 150 nationalities, Onukogu urged the holders to grab the opportunity to meet potential world leaders and in turn bring investors to Nigeria.
“Open your minds because you are meeting potential investors; make the best of your time and invest in your future through networking with others across the globe.
“It is not enough to get a degree and come back; this journey you are embarking on is beyond academics. Your going to LSE is a huge investment, leverage on it as a school of research, build yourselves, connect, create and make your stay in London worthwhile. Always remember that you are a representation of your family, Nigeria and the continent,” he said.
Membership secretary and managing director, Employee Energy, Stanley Agwuh, in his lecture, ‘Mentorship and the Launch of the LAAN
Mentorship Programme’, described mentoring as a powerful development tool, hence the need to begin the mentorship programme.

According to him, the programme will support and guide personal growth, long-term development, provision of role models, the creation of suggestions and connections, as well as serving as a source of support for members.
With her personal narration on ‘Studying at LSE/Living in London’, founder of Techno VAS Consult Services Limited, Jane Ivhurie, who graduated from the school in 2005, admonished the offer holders to make use of the library and the vast extra-curricula activities for personal development.

“LSE is a dynamic school; so you should as well be dynamic in your ways. Getting accommodation is the most taxing; ensure you do that before leaving Nigeria.
“Make good use of the library, Wi-Fi and language centre. Ensure to get your student’s union card, as it will help you to secure lots of discounts. Select your friends and learn from their experiences. Explore Europe and make it a journey to remember.”


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