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Top Ten Fertility Foods

One of the most difficult situations in a marriage is when a couple tries unsuccessfully for years to have children. However people often ask when is the right time to seek professional help? Medical advice states that a young couple who have been trying to conceive for over a year with no success should make an appointment with an infertility specialist. If you are over 40, then make an appointment after six months of trying. Infertility specialists will use a series of tests to determine just what the problem is. The tests will involve examining the woman’s fallopian tubes, uterus and studying the quality of your eggs. They will also investigate the quality and quantity of the man’s sperm. It is important that the man is also be investigated because on average 40% of the time the fault, if any, lies with the man. Childless couples often go to extremes trying various remedies to be able to conceive. Sometimes they are no easy fixes but it is easy to adopt a healthy eating regime to increase your chances of conceiving by avoiding certain foods and consuming a select few. Kick-start your fertility by working towards a healthy weight for your […]

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