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Welcome Centre Hotels responds to SMEAR Campaign on Social Media

https://www.facebook.com/hilary.davidjr – REBUTTAL FROM THE HOTEL Great to see that majority can see through the farce of his man’s dubious story. Normally we don’t comment on such drivel but given the interest level we respond to set the record straight. The hotel took its position in addressing the accusation as the guest continuously choose to avoid payment of his hotel bills throughout his entire stay and when pressed on the 4th consecutive day for payment conveniently then claimed his passport and money were missing (eventually his hotel bill was settled by third party). Another reason the hotel further doubted his account was because he always told hotel staff that he knew and name-dropped the directors of the hotel hence it was ok for him to not prepay but the hotel can unequivocally state the none of the directors of the hotel knew this guest. His Identity was suspect as he refused to provide an ID or personal details on check in. His Facebook profile is also a fake and is just a front for his SMEAR campaign. The receptionist who checked him in without payment and was collecting daily tips from him in order to side step payment has been […]

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